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  • D'Ann MartinDecember 31, 2012 am31 11:29 am

    Hey Everyday Family, I wanted to update you. I know it is a busy season. I recently let my car go back to my financial institution. I have had several extra jobs lined up over and above my two days a week at Dr. Gongs office, and each time they have not fully come in fruition..Yikes! But, it has given me much time in prayer and worship. After the team from Lemoore came I felt such an activation and a deepened hunger so strong I have had two periods of pressing deeper into Him…I am so Thankful! Pastor Jose’ was such a blessing too.

    Asking God always for blessings and increase of the Holy Spirit over you and your families even though I am up here in No. County. You are my precious tribe and I am honored to be a part of you.

    Would you continue to pray for me, the pathway that God wants me to take and for Paul. One of the Lemoore Team, Glenn, prayed for Paul, called him in and in 24 hours he was headed to rehab. He has fallen once but was allowed to go back to Gateway the Rehab House, (a total miracle). I would love your prayers for this young man my son who has such a heart of love, the enemy has tried to steal and kill him, but I am standing on the Word of God, that I and my household WILL be saved…Richest Blessings in 2013. New phone number 805-395-0680. D’Ann of Cambria (by way of Cayucos)

  • D'Ann MartinJanuary 1, 2013 pm31 8:21 pm

    Please pray for local cambria Pastors Bob and Judy Templeton. Bob was just diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Judy is handling Pastorate and job and his health issues.
    Also please pray for my sister LInda who is having a big back surgery in the am 1/2/13. It is her 2nd in 2 weeks and 11th in 8 years…blessings. D’Ann

  • daryl kingMay 1, 2013 pm31 12:44 pm

    Hi my name is Daryl I live right near Albany,NY I have a few prayer needs….I’m Getting married in 10 days just pray that the Lord will get all the glory out of my marriage & we would continue to have Jesus at the center of our relationship. We also need 1600$ for our wedding to pay off the vendors & the reception venue please pray God opens a door for the funds to come in!!….. I know God has called me to start a new church pray that He would ultimately show me where to plant a church. He hasn’t given me a clear burden for a place yet!! And just pray the Lord continues to give me vision for this! I lead a men’s group at my current church just pray the Lord uses me greatly in these men’s lives. Also for direct wisdom & guidance on maybe a church residency to prepare me, I really long to plant thru a church planting network: Acts29, ARC, Launch Network or CMN! ….. PLEASE pray for Revival in my area of upstate NY
    Love THE Ministry that God is doing through your church!!!

    my primary email is :DKING1086@GMAIL.COM