Jesus came to set the captives free!  If you need freedom and healing in area are of your life, physically, emotionally or spiritually consider joining us for a Sozo session, a Freedom Weekend or our Healing Rooms.

sozoimage SOZO
In the Greek language, the word ‘Sozo’ means wholeness…salvation, healing, freedom, & growth. At Everyday, we offer Sozo sessions, where 2-3 people pray for you and help you experience God’s Presence & Power in areas where you need help. The joy and freedom that comes as a result of these sessions is remarkable! Contact us to book a Sozo or find out more.
freedom-weekend FREEDOM WEEKEND
In addition to SOZO sessions, we also offer Freedom Weekend, a Friday evening and Saturday mini-seminar that includes liberating truth and anointed prayer. Freedom Weekend takes place in the spring and fall. Contact us to be kept informed about our next Freedom Weekend.
healing-rooms-image HEALING ROOMS
The Healing Rooms is a ministry that is pursuing the Holy Spirit and His healing power. We are creating a place for Him to bring life, wholeness and love to those who are suffering from physical ailments. It is a place where passionate, joy-filled believers gather to host the presence of God and see Him bring complete restoration and healing. The Healing Rooms relaunches this September.  Email healingrooms@everydaychurch.com for more info.