This is a Holy Spirit driven ministry school where a new generation of laid-down lovers are equipped to move into their destiny.

We will spend time in the presence of Jesus learning to live a life of worship and love. We will journey together into the reality of the supernatural life that God invites each of us to walk in. We will learn to operate in the prophetic, in healing and a life followed by miracles. We will focus on building a community at new levels of unity in the Spirit and believe that, as like-minded communities of laid-down lovers of Jesus are formed and sent out, a great acceleration and multiplication of fruitfulness will be experienced in ministry.

The school joins together academic understanding and hands-on experience. This creates a do and teach culture where all students are expected to take risks to stretch their faith and grow in their understanding of God. We believe that the Bible is an invitation into an experience with the Lord. Students are challenged to live the Bible. This produces an environment that often feels like a laboratory where disciples practice the things they are being taught.

Outreach within our local community are a core part of our school. Excitement and faith are stirred when students take their supernatural ministry into the community and return to class to share testimonies, give thanks, and debrief. Students are encouraged to cheer one another on toward the greater works Jesus described in John 14:12.

Students will become part of our Iris Central Coast/Everyday Church family for the duration of the school and it’s within that context of family that they will be equipped to walk out their calling.