People are made for meaningful RELATIONSHIP and designed for IMPACT. Microchurches are high-impact spiritual families.

After lots of research, experimentation, prayer and practice, we discovered a new ‘recipe’ for small groups! It is a hybrid approach that combines the best we’ve experienced in small groups, Bible studies, cell groups, and house churches.  Microchurches serve up familiar ingredients in a fresh way that taste ‘delicious’ to this generation!

Microchurches focus on encountering God, belonging in a family, growing in Christlikeness, and impacting those in around us in our circles of influence. These spiritual families are the perfect setting to accelerate your growth in Christ!  We call microchurches ‘greenhouses for revivalists.’

Microchurches have 10-25 people who are learning to do life together as family.  Sometimes, they grow to as many as 50 before we have a chance to multiply!  And that makes for a fun, powerful dynamic.  As they grow, we multiply these microchurches for further kingdom impact.  They are organic, reproducing, enjoyable, and highly spiritual.

Microchurches are more than the ‘small groups’ of Everyday–they’re really the ‘churches’ of Everyday!  We currently have microchurches throughout the Central Coast from Atascadero to Orcutt.  We have a vision for lots of microchurches throughout the Central Coast, California, and the nations!  To find out more about how to start or belong to one of these Everyday families, visit us on Sundays or contact our office.