We are a community seeking to grow in intimacy and favor with God. Our vision is a powerful prayer movement, which ignites the church, the region and the world; Intercessors who are humble and confident, fervent and joyful, servants and sons.

The movement is us. It is not “out there”. It is not a program, in a building, or an event (although these can all be helpful). Our vision is a people becoming so desperate for God that they know they will stumble and fall without his guidance, wisdom and protection. It is a people confident in God – convinced that every provision for every need will be provided for by their good Father; that every answer to every question can be found in Christ Jesus; every power to move every obstacle and achieve every aim is found in His name and through His Spirit; and that every need, every longing, every reason for what we do has its beginning and end in Him.

We believe that prayer changes things!

Our Sunday services include prayer ministry and all our microchurches include ministry and intercession. We also meet in the Five Cities, San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria during the week to pray.

We encourage all our members to be praying weekly with at least one other person.
We are looking to build prayer hubs + teams on the central coast, so we invite you to come and join us and see God move!


  • Tuesday, 7-8am: Prayer Room, Everyday Five Cities, Arroyo Grande
  • Thursday, 7-8am: Prayer Room, Everyday Five Cities, Arroyo Grande
  • Thursday, 7-8:30pm: Prayer Room, Everyday Five Cities, Arroyo Grande
  • Sunday, 9-10am: Belong Room, Everyday Five Cities, Arroyo Grande

To find out more about prayer at Everyday, get it touch with us!