Our vision here at Everyday is to plant one microchurch for every one thousand people on the Central Coast. In order to do that, we need to raise up and train leaders for each of those microchurches.

If you have a desire and passion to be a part of this vision by planting and  leading a microchurch, our microchurch planting school is a great opportunity for you!

This twelve week Microchurch Planting School will take place in a real microchurch setting in the home of Senior Leaders Mark and Cheryl Perry.  

Pastors Mark and Cheryl will show you the culture and DNA of microchurches here at Everyday as they give you all the training and tools needed, as well as practical experience to equip you to plant a new microchurch here on the Central Coast.

If you have been looking for a way to learn more about microchurches, a way to use your apostolic or pastoral gift, or even a way to connect with Mark and Cheryl, sign up at the Welcome Center for this incredible school!

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