At the men’s retreat we went on a prayer walk and near the pier there was someone who asked for prayer for physical healing. He had degenerative disks in his lower back and he also had a metal plate and screws in the upper part of his neck. We got to lay hands on him and pray for him and he was actually in a ton of pain just from walking down to the pier from the top.

As we got to pray for him, he moved his back a little bit and a lot of the pain had left and so we prayed a second time and he said that 100% of the pain had left! The rest of the weekend he was hiking around, was doing things without his cane and was completely healed and restored; his lower back didn’t hurt. He also had full mobility restored in the upper part of his neck.

His wife also has scoliosis and a lot of pain in her back and so we prayed really quickly. He said “I’m going to call her up and I bet she will be healed!” So he called his wife and she says “Right before you called all the pain left my back!” God healed her before he even called her!

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