Our Journey

We’re so thankful for the journey that God has been leading us on as a church family and a movement! We’d love for you to join us!


The journey of the Everyday movement began in California in 1985 when Mark & Cheryl Perry, our Senior Leaders, met at the San Luis Obispo Vineyard church, fell in love, got married, and started a family. After working as a carpenter and then as a public school teacher, Mark joined the staff of the SLO church to help plant the nearby Five Cities Vineyard church, where he became senior pastor in 1992. After establishing a thriving, growing church, Mark & Cheryl moved their family to the Midwest to establish another Vineyard church in the inner city. It was there, going door-to-door in the projects week after week, that Mark & Cheryl’s love for the poor and broken grew.

Central Coast

In 2002, Mark & Cheryl returned to the Central Coast of California with a fresh vision to establish a regional church and apostolic center that was wholehearted, relational, and missional. Shortly thereafter, they visited Iris Ministries in Mozambique and Everyday Church was birthed. About this time Mark and a team also established a house of prayer, and Mark wrote his first book now called Kingdom Churches.

Local and Global Movement

As a people, our heart has always been to see God’s kingdom come to the Central Coast of California and beyond!  Everyday currently has campuses in 3 locations across California, as well as in Springfield, Ohio. Click HERE to find out more about our various campuses.  Since Everyday Church’s beginning we have sought God for His strategy to do our part to win people to Christ and to impact nations. Something good is happening! And we invite you to consider journeying with us so our story can unfold together.

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