God has been at work at the elementary school my children have attended. When we moved to Orcutt almost 8 years ago, I was overwhelmed by the size of the school and we knew no one.  I felt very vulnerable and nervous but  I knew I was to build relationships and sow into this school and community through prayer and service.  Over the years there, my depth of involvement and relationship has increased through serving in a variety of ways (room mom, PTA, substitute teacher) which has been filled with many lessons through which God has grown me.

Recently, since I’m the PTA President & Community Service Committee Chairperson, I headed up a global community service project to help raise money for latrines on the island of La Gonave through u2u, a non-profit 501c3 run by Jez & Lynzi Blacker.  We called it, “LOVE HAITI.” I held two assemblies on Friday, February 5 for primary & intermediate classes to show a power point presentation of my pics to Haiti from last April and explained the health issue of cholera and the need for latrines.  I also explained the other projects on the island of La Gonave and the various daily needs the people there face.  Lynzi attended the assemblies to support in answering questions and adding to the talk where she could.  I also wanted her present so everyone would connect her face with u2u and I shared how this was once a dream in her heart that has become a reality which is making a HUGE impact.

In regard to the assembly, I can’t remember the last time I was so nervous!  I was stressed and prayed for peace.  After the assemblies, hearts were so moved with compassion and the kids had money they immediately wanted to donate.  Teachers came up and thanked me and Lynzi and wanted to hear more.  I’ve had some teachers express a serious interest in going to Haiti.  Our project goal was to raise $600 enough for 15 latrines.  Each latrine costs $40, so if each child donated $1, we could meet our goal.  We started on Tuesday, March 9 and by that Friday, March 12 we collected $691.16!  In just four days we surpassed our goal.  At the end of the second week, we raised $460.81 and by the end of the final week, we raised $433.71.  Our grand total of donations is $1,585.68!!!   Last Thursday, March 3, KSBY came out to interview me and a few children at the school who raised money by selling lemonade or simply giving $2-$3.  It was aired that evening and very exciting to be able to share the good news!

It feels as if a door has swung open in the spirit and He is pouring out His goodness over these children and teachers that I LOVE.  I’m so thankful and honored to work alongside Him  & I’m super happy it’s always been His plan to include His children in what He is doing.  There is so much favor that fills the atmosphere and it is wonderful!  I am so humbled by this opportunity and look forward to the more that God is bringing!  This is just the tip of the iceberg. God is so GOOD!!!

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