Healing At The High School

Healing At The High School

I just wanted to share a quick testimony of God’s goodness and healing power. I pulled up at the San Luis Obispo high school to pick up my daughter, Molly. The parking lot was empty and one of Molly’s friend’s moms came up to the Jeep and I asked her how she was doing.

She had mentioned that her husband had lost his job and was not doing well. She said they had lost their insurance, and shortly before that she found out that she had a brain tumor. It was lodged between the left and right hemisphere and the symptoms were causing her to have epileptic seizures and she had to quit her job due to that. As I was listening to this I was thinking about how horrible the entire ordeal was. I acknowledged her fears and her pain, but I also asked if I could pray for her. I said that Jesus went to the cross to destroy the works of the enemy, and the reason He went to the cross is because He can heal!

She allowed me to pray for her so I put my hand on her head and commanded the tumor to leave, and that God would be in the midst of her troubles.

I received a text message a couple of weeks later:

“I have to tell you that prayers and miracles do come true. I had another brain scan and the tumor’s gone! All the symptoms are gone as well. It was as if nothing had ever happened. Thank you for your prayers, we are blessed”.

Jesus tells us to become like little children and be a vessel and conduit for what He has already paid for – He loves people!