My son, Paxton had something wrong with his adenoids (the glands in the roof of your mouth) which had actually been causing him great difficulty in breathing due to the inflammation. Usually people require surgery to remove these glands so they can begin to breathe normally through their nose again.

In Kingdom Kids the children had been learning about how God heals, and so Paxton decided that he didn't need to have surgery - even thought the doctor believed otherwise! The doctor had been saying that Paxton needed to have the surgery and he was scheduled for it a couple of weeks later.

Paxton's mum had heard Paxton sharing about how the Kingdom Kids had been praying that he wouldn't have to have this surgery, and so she decided to take him back to the doctor for another check up. When she got there the doctor was surprised that she had brought him back because he had checked him just a couple of weeks ago and had already concluded the only thing left to do was surgery. However, the doctor checked Paxton again and was shocked to discover that he no longer needed surgery and the inflammation of the adenoids had decreased!

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