I recently had the most amazing week! On the Sunday I started the week by doing the Supernatural 101 class. It was all about about the Holy Spirit and I had such an amazing time! I believe a fresh anointing was put upon me, and my prayer language was changed.

Then we went out on a Treasure Hunt and I got to witness a man’s leg grow out about an inch, which was awesome! It just reminded me of how each one of us are called to do what Jesus did! He is reigniting a passion and excitement for Him, for His love, and for the people out there.

I didn’t know it, but God was preparing me for what was to come!

On Thursday night, I was at work on my lunch break at a local grocery store. Someone came running up to me and said, “Kathy, someone has passed out on the bathroom floor and we don’t think that he is breathing!” I went running to the restroom and found a man hunched over. He was blue, and he was cold, and I thought to myself “Oh boy!”

He was a big guy, and I tried to roll him over because he was in a weird position. Everyone was saying to me, “No, don’t touch him, you could get poked!” because it looked like he had overdosed, but I knew I had to help him. Someone helped me roll him over onto his back and we could see that his lips were purple, he was cold like ice, and he was definitely dying if he wasn’t already dead.

As my friend started doing chest compression the battle between my ears began. I personally wanted to put my hand on him and pray but I had employees standing there watching. I knew that the battle between my ears was the enemy challenging me — am I going to lay hands on him, or not? I thought to myself, “If you’re challenging me, then I’m definitely going to do it!” I put my hand on him and the only thing that came out of my mouth was “In Jesus name, do not die!” I had nothing else to say, but all you need is Jesus! It felt like it was a second later that he took a breath!

I give Jesus the glory for that, and I just feel so blessed that He is choosing to reignite this flame inside of me. Afterwards, my heart was so heavy, I didn’t know why. I talked to somebody very wise and they pointed out that I couldn’t stop praying for this guy, interceding for his soul, for Jesus to touch his heart. Jesus was allowing me to experience His love for this man.

It was an awesome and beautiful experience and I look forward to more of it!

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