Haiti Mission Trip Provision

Haiti Mission Trip Provision

Sydney: Our youth leaders, Josh and Audrey, approached us about going to Haiti with the Blacker family! At the time, we didn’t know the dates or the price of it but everyone was really excited for it! We found out a week later that it would be $1500 a person and we had about 3 weeks to raise it. We had to have the money for the plane ticket ahead of time which was about $850.

I went with my family to the evening with Marc Dupont and I ended up getting prayer for healing from someone and in the middle of her prayer she said “You know, if you want to go to Haiti, go to Haiti!” I was shocked to say the least because this person had no idea about the Haiti trip that the youth group wanted to go on!

To be honest, I really didn’t think i was going to get there! I knew it was possible but I didn’t think that it was going to happen for me.  From that moment on I just decided to say “Okay God, if You’re going to send me there this month or next year it’s going to happen!’

Shortly after that I received a graduation check in the mail for $800!

Gabby: We decided to have a pancake breakfast fundraiser after church one Sunday. At that point Sydney was basically covered for her trip and so they said that all the funds from the pancake breakfast would go to me. So that was huge for me because God’s going to provide and I’m going to be able to go!

It was about an hour into the fundraiser and as I was serving I heard this lady talking to Sydney. She asked “How much do you need for this trip?” and Sydney said “well I’m covered but Gabby needs $1300 more.”. The lady then asked “How much is the trip overall?” and Sydney says “$1500!”. Then the lady turns to me and says “Okay, I’ll write you a check for $1500!” I was blown away!

God provided and I was going to Haiti! I didn’t have my plane ticket and in 24 hours my entire trip was covered! It just shows how amazing and awesome our God is. When we don’t know if it’s going to work out, God’s will is so strong and His plan for us is so great. He always provides!